A Life Unspoken – one act play by Bev Clark

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Brenda is a woman who made nothing of her life.

Using flashbacks we learn that she has been a prisoner of circumstance.

She has kept a secret for forty years.

She took the only option she could and chose security over love.

Her strict mother never supported her and husband Henry never fulfilled her.

 Ideal for drama festivals.

A One Act Play by Bev Clark


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A one act stage play for community & amateur theatre groups & professional theatre companies.

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Bev Clark

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A Life Unspoken Photo by Steve Carr for A Life Unspoken - a one act play by Bev Clark
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A Life Unspoken Photo by Steve Carr


a One Act Play by Bev Clark


This is essentially a monologue for the character of Brenda with other characters appearing in flashback scenes. Brenda Warner is a women who made nothing of her life. She has been a prisoner of circumstance. She took the only option she could and chose security over love. Her cruel, religiously-strict mother never supported her and Henry, as kind as he was, never fulfilled her, so she existed in a life without purpose or passion. Her only joy, her son, died before he was three. Then, devastated, she made the best of what she could with Henry.

We learn by a series of flashbacks that a brief affair in the sixties with her boss Martin – a selfish and uncaring man – had left her pregnant. A chance meeting in 1982 when Martin is divorced with a son leads her to tell him of the other son he never knew about and he walks out on her again. He is somewhat redeemed for when he is dying he realises the wrong he has done her and wants to repent. Now Henry is also dying and Brenda feel sorrow at never loving him the way he loved her. For the first time in her life she begins a new day a free woman: free of all the guilt and burden she has carried with her all her life.

The actress who plays Brenda is the narrator of the story and must play a thirty-three year old as well as a woman approaching sixty year old. She can achieve the illusion by changing coats and hats etc. Although her situation may seem pathetic it is never comic and should not be played so. The café scene should be played with tenderness and emotion. The flashback characters can interact with Brenda in a surreal way and other characters can be held frozen in time. The style of the piece is not naturalist but the emotion must be real.

Set can be minimal to offer a suggestion of time and places with the use of cross-fade to move from one flashback to another. The parts of Mrs Armstrong and waitress could double.


Playwright: Bev Clark

Genre: One Act Drama

Time: 24 mins (approx)

Characters & Set : 4 Adult Male, 3 Adult Female + 1 Boy| 1 SET

Extras: No

Author: Scripts4Stage.com

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