Play Scripts for Sale, one act drama scripts for festivals and amateur drama groups

Script AFTER THE DREAM – full length comedy drama with a Shakespearean Theme.

ScriptA LIFE UNSPOKEN – short drama for a small cast

ScriptBAGGAGE – Two hander. Homeless woman tells a tragic story

ScriptBENTLEY: ROAD TO JUSTICE – Ensemble docudrama for adults or youth

ScriptTHE GHOST CRIB – period supernatural with a twist

ScriptJESSIE’S TREE – large youth ensemble. A journey through the 20th Century

ScriptMAKE ME INVISIBLE – large youth ensemble. Bullying and isolation issues

ScriptREMEMBRANCE DAY – family against a backdrop of war. All male cast.

ScriptRIP MR SHAKESPEARE – large ensemble clown theatre co-written with Keith Hill..

ScriptRUNNING OUT OF TIME – A family holiday that takes them to another time.

ScriptS.P.A.C.E – Two women on a mission to clear the mess and find some space.

ScriptWHEN THE DARK SEA CRIES – period drama with a large female cast.

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