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We have released two poetry books by author Bev Clark. Both are published at Amazon and available to buy online. We are planning a release in local book shops soon.

The Slow Dreaming of Trees is now available to buy. Get your copy at Amazon.

Bev Clark’s second book of poetry has a mix of memories, love and relationships with wider issues of death, war and slavery.

The Slow Dreaming of Trees was inspired by a book on the way trees communicate to each other. Russian Doll, always a favourite at open mic nights is included here, as is The Visit a poem about dementia, which made it to the short list of the Fish Prize 2017. Invisible Chains is taken from a theatre piece Bev wrote especially for Theatre Fest 15 on the Isle of Man With beautiful cover images by Steve Carr again; there is “always something magical about trees”

Many of the poems have dedications to the females in her life; her mother, daughter, grand- daughter and mother-in-law. .

If you have bought and read the book we welcome your reviews.

A Poem for All Seasons was released last December and we have now published a revised edition.

This edition has a new cover with photos by Steve Carr featuring Another Place by Antony Gormley at Crosby Beach. A place that has inspired Bev’s poem of the same title. In this her first collection she takes her inspiration from the surrounding landscape of the Wirral and particularly the River Mersey.

The river has so many stories it is an excellent creative influence as are the changing seasons in the local parks and gardens near her home. Bev has deliberately chosen popular poems as she wants it to be accessible to everyone who can appreciate the sentiment and mood of the stories and pictures these poems create.

Taking a month by month journey through the year we see the ever changing seasons but Bev also touches on progress, change, history and memories. On her daily walk she often takes photos which are the starting point for her poems, short stories and plays.

Feedback on the book has been very positive, thank you for your reviews.

A delight to read.

on 9 March 2017
These are evocative, poems, vivid, at times moving, the entrenched memory of old age, at times joyous, the glimpse of a diving bird. Bev.Clark has an eye for people and places in all their beauty and absurdity, and draws the reader in

They include both fun and reflective themes

on 5 February 2017
A delightful collection of poems that capture the seasons changing and how they influence everyday life. They include both fun and reflective themes.
Great stuff, thoroughly recommended.


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