Remembrance Day – a one act drama script

England 2006 | The Somme 1916 |  Iraq 1991.

It is the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – A time to remember

Time and Place: Spanning 3 Time Zones & Locations.

England 2006. The Watson’s house and The local War memorial.

The Somme 1916. A trench and battlefield

Iraq 1991. A deserted village

Short info: A drama about fathers and sons set against a backdrop of war with a supernatural twist. This play could be performed in schools by senior boys as well as theatre groups.

Soundtrack also available.

one act drama script for amateur or professional theatre production companies.

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Full Synopsis

REMEMBRANCE DAY: A Story of fathers and Sons. by Bev Clark © 2006-2015


What do all sons want most? To look up to their fathers and be proud of them. What do all fathers want most? To give their sons guidance and a better future.

It is the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month – A time to remember.

Grandfather Ron Watson still respects and remembers the past.  He honours the memory of his own grandfather – George – who fell at The Somme in 1916.  Ron’s son Stephen is a broken man unable to cope with his ordeal in The Gulf War. Stephen’s son Darren is nearly sixteen and cannot communicate with his father.  He is on the verge of falling into serious trouble.  Yet, Darren has a secret he cannot confide in his father.  Stephen has a secret and he cannot confide in his son.

This story covers five generations of one family’s inner conflicts against a background of global conflict.  War can leave it scars upon each generation but the real battle is the torment and shame and frustration they each feel within their own relationships.

Each generation inherits the mistakes of past generations.

Darren meets with a stranger. A stranger who speaks of the horrors, the loss and the emptiness of war but also of hope; how we are all links in a vital chain.  If Darren is to reach his father and they can learn to understand each other, he has to take the painful steps into adulthood.

Who is the figure in the half-light who inhabits the shadows and echoes?

All three generations learn how to communicate again through love and how father and son can move forward into a better relationship and future. A journey back in time to make a footprint in the future.

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Written by Bev Clark



CHARACTERS: 3 Adult Male plus 2 teenage boys


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