Room No.5 – a one act mystery play

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A One act mystery thriller play script by Bev Clark

This play is suited to the style of Theatre of the Absurd.

Set in a psychiatric hospital, a group of patients play games with each other.

But who is real?

Who is just a figment of someone’s imagination?

Who is really insane?

© Bev Clark 2016 – a licence is required for any performance of this play script.

A full synopsis of this play script can be viewed by opening the tab below.

A preview extract of the playscript is available or you can buy the full script using our online purchase options. If you wish to request a performance licence or contact us for more information we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you.

A stage play for community & amateur theatre groups & professional theatre companies.

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Full Synopsis

Room No.5 by Bev Clark

A One Act Drama Mystery in the style of Theatre of the Absurd

Play Script © Bev Clark 2015


 A large Box on a bare stage. Three characters Kal, Missy and Tad are afraid to open it but something in the box appears to know their deepest fears.

 When Tad believes he has murdered the other two a Nurse appears telling him it was just a nightmare. When she realises he really has murdered them she calls Doctor Lambourne who sedates Tad.

 Then the Doctor is murdered and the Police arriving looking suspiciously like Tad and Kal and now we feel we are in some twisted scenario or perhaps a game? As the plot thickens characters take on different personas and nothing or no-one is as they seem.

 Someone is insane but is it  Sarah who believes she is a nurse? Or a madman who think he is a doctor?  And is Pettigrew  the aunt or psychiatrist ?

 Does the box hold all the secrets as we are drawn into this spiral of insanity?

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Playwright Bev Clark
Time: 50 mins
Characters & Set: 4 Adult Male 2 Adult Female Multiple roles –  SET MINIMAL
Extras: No




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