When The Dark Sea Cries – one-act drama script

when the dark sea cries a one act drama by bev clark
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A family drama set in a fictitious Somerset village in 1850s.

The night of a terrible storm:

Whilst the men risk their lives the women wait on the shore but is it providence when a stranger arrives?

a one act drama by Bev Clark




© Bev Clark 2015

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A One Act Drama for community, amateur groups & professional theatre companies.


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© Bev Clark 2015


A one-act drama tragedy play script for seven females (aged 15-70s) and one male, one boy.

Dramatic and poetic. Sealand is a fictitious fishing village in 1850s. The play opens when a terrible storm is raging and the local men have put to sea in their boats The Eleanora and The Lucy May to help save a vessel in distress. The women of the village wait on the shore. In the cottage Old Susan, a spinster and young Lizzie Hardwick are the only two left at home. Lizzy has found a weary traveller looking for shelter and invited him in. He is Dr Tralawney an Irishman on his way from Bristol to Watchet.

Soon the other women arrive coming in out of the cold and wet. Emily Tavener, wife of Jack who owns the cottage, welcomes the stranger and he slowly learns a little of their hard and tragic lives. He is drawn to Kate Martyn, a woman who is strong-willed and ambitious for her sons, particularly John who is deaf. The Long night continues and Marianne confides in her sister Kate that she is pregnant for the first time after twenty years of marriage but the father is not her husband.  Kate advises her and keeps her secret.

Kate is then left alone with the Doctor and something passes between them but they are alerted by the church bell meaning a ship has been sighted. A body has washed up on the shore and the doctor helps the women save young John who is still alive and able to tell them of his ordeal. The trauma has miraculously given back his hearing and the women rejoice thinking it must be a good omen.

Soon a boat is finally seen on the beach but not all the men have survived and some families will be racked by grief and despair whilst for others it offers the opportunity of new choices and a different future.

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Playwright Bev Clark
Genre One Act Drama
Time: 50 mins
Extras: No


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